Importance of Digital Library in Academic Institutions


  • Anupam Chanda Librarian, Bahona College, Jorhat, Assam, India


Digital Library, Academic Institutions, E-Resources, ICT, Dspace


Digital library is nowadays an integral part of the academic intuition. Without having a digital library system an academic institution cannot run smoothly. Today most of the information are available in various digital platform but all these information are not authentic. Digital library provides authentic kind of information to the users. There are various kinds of digital library platform available which an institution can easily use, some of them are commercial and some of them are open source. DSpace is one of the popular kind of digital library or we can say institutional repository software being used by various higher educational organization. DSpace is very much user friendly also, the most important thing about DSpace is, it is a open source software so, there is no cost involved to install DSpace at all. If anyone knows how to install DSpace and how to customize it, then they can easily use this software without spending any money. This paper aims to review and analyze the importance of a digital library system in academic institutions. This paper also aims to explore the role of digital libraries in the academic institutions. This paper explored more deeply what advantages might be obtained from the digital library practice and what are the challenges that managers might face in using digital libraries.




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